Would Be Kings
Jamie Collins. 33 years old. A drug squad cop with a taste for Irish whiskey and good cocaine, Jamie's been riding the coattails of his extended family his entire life in the force. He's a ladies' man, a reprobate, a child. He's a mess.
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Of Murder And Memory
Fifteen years ago, Sally Linden (Annabeth Gish, Brotherhood) is called to serve as a juror in a murder case after the body of a slain man is found on a beach in O'ahu, Hawaii. The accused, Theresa Nichol (Chandra West, John From Cincinnati) is only a few years younger than Sally. Full Synopsis

The Last Hit
Cool and sexy Coco has a date with death. Its icy final embrace is only a month away, yet Coco has confided in no one. Her lover, Sasha, knows nothing about her fate, and plots proposing marriage. Full Synopsis

Race of the Century : Ben Johnson, Drugs & the Quest for Gold
A hard-hitting investigative documentary that exposes facts about the drug culture in which elite sport was, and still is, submerged.

Fancy Dancing
A lighthearted but intelligent comedy about a Peter Pan like songwriter who must face the realities of growing up to keep visitation rights with his son.
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Darkness Falling
A lawyer investigates the enigmatic suicide of her twin sister and learns of a dark secret and a mysterious lover. Full Synopsis

The Fourth Angel
A journalist is pushed to the edge after his wife and daughter are killed in a terrorist attack. Full Synopsis

Laura has just met the perfect guy and inherited a vast fortune, she can't believe all her good luck but sometimes luck can change and Mr. Right may not be right for her at all.


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