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Starring: Jason Priestley, Janet Kidder and Patsy Kensit

Director: Dominic Shiach

They're polar opposites, the stunningly beautiful Wright sisters. Megan is a corporate lawyer with a tight grasp on the ladder to success; sister Jane is an artist who prefers a life close to the streets and close to the edge. The contrasts are striking, particularly when you consider that the two are identical twins!

Then, suddenly, Jane inexplicably hurls herself from her 6th floor loft window - and Megan's life spins out of control.

From the moment she uncovers Jane's body in the morgue, she begins trying to put the puzzle pieces of her sister's life and death together. In so doing, she is also forced to re-examine her own life, particularly her relationship with her entrepreneur go-getter fiancé Sean, part good guy, part Gordon Gekko.

When Megan moves into her dead sister's loft (so she can clean out her belongings) she finds ominous evidence that her sister led a very unusual secret life; there are disturbing paintings portraying women threatened by dark stalking figures, mysterious phonecalls and hang-ups, and evidence that Jane was very much into the dark world of bondage and S&M clubs.

Michael Pace at first seems the only normal one in her sister's unsettling world. A charming, attractive artist, he had a very intimate relationship with Jane. But as Megan delves deeper into Jane's life and begins to act out elements of her fantasy world, she begins to suspect that Michael wasn't her sister's lover at all… he was her stalker! And maybe Jane didn't commit suicide at all.

In much of this, Megan is led by Jane's neighbor, Vicki. At first seen as a seemingly innocent free spirit, Vicki soon reveals that she too has a very dark side, and it is she who draws Megan into the mysterious and subterranean world of THE CAGE, an exotic S&M club which Jane frequented and to which Megan now finds herself attracted. It is a place where anything goes and always does, where men and women openly explore the most forbidden and dangerous aspects of their sexuality.

As Megan allows herself to be pulled into this world, she comes closer to uncovering why Jane died and how. Her investigation leads to a horrifying twist that finds her fighting for her very survival, just as Jane did.

But who did kill Jane and why? And are they now after Megan?

In a final night of terror, Megan discovers the answers to those questions as well as the answer to who she really is and just what she's capable of doing in order to survive.