Jason Priestley, Tanya Allen, Ewen Bremner, Dave Thomas, Dave Foley

Director & Writer:
Brock Simpson

Asa has never worked a day in his life, nor does he plan to. He considers himself an artist, specifically a poet and a composer. He rejects all things responsible as mediocre, including basic hygiene and taking proper care of his young son, Michael. The only thing absolutely consistent in Asa's bohemian life is that he will squander his trust fund and he will indiscriminately try to seduce women - and even suceed when the law of averages are in his favour.

One day, Asa is confronted by Michael's grandparents. He is given an ultimatum, either clean up his act or lose his son forever. Before this moment Asa never quite seemed aware of how important Michael is to him but now he may be losing him forever. Asa is rescued by his Uncle Errol, an ad man for 30 years who claims he can straighten Asa out by giving him a job in his agency.

The next day Asa begrudgingly gets to work. He arrives late and unwashed in a suit that was last worn to a school mate's bar mitzvah. Asa's assigned mentor, Max, is horrified with his protege. Asa explains to Karen, the attractive graphic artist he works beside, that he's having trouble fitting in because he's used to working 9-5 the other way, pm to am. This enamors Karen to Asa.

As Asa makes more of an effort, Max grows more weary, even revisiting old alcoholic tendencies. Asa can't understand why his cycle of sea sonnets won't sell Max. Then one night, while watching tv, he begins to get it and comes up with an idea for a campaign that sells both Max and Uncle. Asa enlists Karen's help on the project and their time together adds fuel to the romantic fire. As Asa gets to work and begins to take pride in his new endeavors he learns that Michael's mother plans to move their son across the country and that she is pregnant with her second child, effectively removing all possibilities that Asa may once again be part of the family.

This sends Asa into a tailspin. He reverts to his old ways, drinking and carousing. Something is different this time though and as he is about to sabotage his new relationship with Karen by sleeping with a total stranger he stops himself.

The next morning Asa wakes, hung over and fragile but now, for the first time in his life, Asa is ready and willing to face the music.