Jeremy Irons, Forest Whitaker, Jason Priestley, Charlotte Rampling.

John Irvin

There are some choices that no decent man should ever have to make.

Jack Elgin is a Pulitzer Prize winning editor of an international newspaper who surprises his beautiful wife and three kids with a vacation to India. In a sudden and horrifying flaming inferno, the Elgin's plane is taken over by terrorists. Jack's wife and one of their daughters are brutally murdered before his eyes.

Back in London, a grieving Jack comforts his traumatized son while his second daughter lays unconscious in the hospital. Devastated, Jack tries to make sense of his tragedy but is further mortified when the terrorists that killed his family are released.

Jack uses all of the journalistic and political resources available to him to find justice, but fails. Desperate, Jack begins digging on his own. His research leads him to a Serbian safe house in the back alleys of London. While snooping around, Jack finds himself face to face with three of the men that killed his family. Cornered, Jack must kill to survive. Worse than the horror of slaying, Jack discovers he has an appetite for revenge that never, in his wildest dreams, could he imagine lay dormant within him.

Meanwhile Interpol agent, Bernard, begins to make a connection between the shootings at the safe house and the terrorist attack. Before long, Bernard is interviewing Jack as a victim of the terrorist activity. While Jack's alibi is airtight, Bernard senses something is amiss.
More dedicated than ever to eliminating his wife's murderers Jack follows a trail of blood to the head terrorist, Dragan, in Paris. Believing he has no recourse but revenge, Jack approaches Dragan's hotel room with weapon drawn. As Dragan opens the door his young daughter appears behind him. In this instant, Jack is reminded of who he is and walks away. A short while later, the police arrive at Dragan's door and are ruthlessly gunned down. Dragan escapes.

Bernard, closing in, has uncovered the real mastermind behind the tragedy and solicits Jack's help. As the story spirals to a shocking climax Jack must decide what kind of a man he is willing to be.