Starring: Grace Kosaka, Diego Klattenhoff, Jefferson Mappin
Cool and sexy Coco has a date with death. Its icy final embrace is only a month away, yet Coco has confided in no one. Her lover, Sasha, knows nothing about her fate, and plots proposing marriage. Death is something Coco fully understands as it is her business; she is a professional assassin. Then reality strikes. Coco gets the phone call. There is one last job to do. One final kill. One last hit.

Like some rogue samurai warrior Coco goes about the business of killing and dying. For her this means taking care of unfinished business and going out with dignity. One after another all the people in Coco’s life float in and out of the story. Each one brings Coco closer to the place she needs to be in order to die the way she lived: fast and furious. Her sister Mercedes pleads for Coco to tell her one last time about their life together as orphans in the jungles of Vietnam.

Running out of time, Coco decides to perform one last selfless act of greatness. She decides to terminate a lowlife pimp called Mario who has ignored warnings to stop the trading of underage girls. Coco descends like the angel of death and after whacking his henchmen, confronts Mario. He begs for his life but Coco is determined. She’s going and she’s taking him with her. Like Death’s own soldier she shoots Mario dead.

Coco arrives at her usual bar where she conducts her business. There is an envelope waiting for her. She opens it up and removes a picture. Suddenly Sasha arrives with his proposal of marriage. Coco is shocked. She glances at the picture. The color drains from her face. Who is it? Who is Coco’s last victim? Can she carry out her last hit?